10 Life-Changing Hacks for the Beach

10 Life-Changing Hacks for the Beach

Vacation season got you feeling stressed? These hacks for the beach will save the day! Vacay life is fun until you realize you left all the essentials at home. Before you book that trip, make sure you are well-prepared for the adventure to come.

1. Waterproof your phone and other valuables

Water splashing on your phone or expensive gadgets can totally ruin your whole trip. One of the most popular beach hacks—place all valuables inside a ziplock bag. It’s cheap and 100% effective!

2. Bring a frozen sponge or towel

Travelling with kids? You definitely need beach life hacks. Always be prepared with an ice pack. If you don’t have that available, freeze a sponge or towel and stuff it in your cooler. When a minor injury happens, you’ll have a DIY ice pack handy.

3. Keep your cooler buried

Speaking of coolers—keep them buried in the sand on a hot day. This ensures your drinks stay cool and all your snacks don’t get spoiled.

4. Choose versatile beachwear

Investing in versatile beachwear is one of the best travel hacks for packing. You don’t need to pack a lot, just a few versatile pieces that you can wear from beach to brunch. 

5. Bring a LOT of sunscreen

Sun protection is critical when you’re spending the whole day outdoors. It’s better to bring more than what you think you need. Sunscreen can be hard to find in remote locations or very expensive when you’re at a luxury destination.

6. Rehydrate your skin

While you probably know that drinking water is important when you’re under the sun, please don’t forget to rehydrate your skin too! Fill up a spray bottle with cold water or bring a refreshing face mist when you’re out.

7. Reuse your grocery bags

Add this to your travel hacks for packing! Now is the time to finally use all those old plastic grocery bags you’ve been storing. To make packing easier, place wet swim trunks, bikinis, and clothes inside grocery bags. This separates them from your dry clothes and protects your luggage. Just make sure to secure your wet bags properly!

8. Use a mat instead of a towel

Towels can soak up water, sweat, and moisture. This leaves you with a soggy seat that attracts sand and will also cling to your skin. For a more comfortable alternative, use a yoga mat. It is water resistant and also gives you a little bit of cushioning. Sand also comes off with just a few shakes.

9. Wipe off sand with baby powder

Nothing is worse than having wet sand on skin. Rubbing them off can hurt, especially for kids. On your next beach trip with the family, bring baby powder and an extra sock. Fill up the sock with powder and dust off sand-soiled skin. This dries up wet sand fast, making it easy to wipe it off.

10. Protect your lips too 

Lips get sunburned, too! Remember to bring a lip balm with SPF protection and apply it liberally. It also provides extra hydration, making your puckers extra pouty for pictures! 

These tried-and-tested hacks for the beach are sure to make your next vacation stress-free. For vacation outfits that won’t break the bank, check out Vacay Land's swim collection.

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