Short or Long Swim Trunks: Which Style Is Right For You?

Short or Long Swim Trunks: Which Style Is Right For You?

Wondering which swim trunk is right for your body and height? Here’s a guide to help you out.

Men’s swim trunks come in different lengths—short and long. While both of these are popular, many are still undecided on which style fits their body type. If you are one of the clueless men who need shopping tips, this blog post is for you.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each style to find the perfect pair of swim trunks for your next beach getaway.

What’s the ideal swim trunk length for men?

You’re not alone. The short or long swim trunks question is an age-old debate and many are just as lost as you. Not knowing what you want can make shopping a little bit more challenging. 

A quick fix is to stock your suitcase with different swim trunks for men, but you’ll still have to decide what to wear. Besides, you don’t want to overpack or end up with a closet full of shorts you’ll never use.

Here’s the general rule: men’s swim trunks should be three inches above the knee. This length is flattering on most men, regardless of body type or height.

But, of course, some may find that they prefer one style more than the other. Certain styles can also highlight your best assets or cover up parts that you’re not comfortable flaunting.

Short swim trunks (4” to 5” inseam)

Short swim trunks for men typically have an inseam that measures 4” to 5”. The hem hits above the mid-thigh, showing more skin and muscle. If you’ve been grinding during leg days at the gym, then it’s just right to show off all your hard work! Shorter styles with a tighter fit will easily accentuate your muscles, making them look extra pumped up.

Mid-length swim trunks (6” inseam)

Mid-length swim trunks with 6” inseams are quite popular for most men. With the hem sitting mid-thigh, they offer enough coverage and protection. They look good on men with average height and are flattering on any body type. You can say that this is the safest choice for most men. Plus, they also provide mobility for water sports and active days.

Long swim trunks (7” to 9" inseam)

Long swim trunks, also known as boardshorts, have inseams of 7” to 9". They hit right above the knee and provide plenty of coverage. This style is popular among surfers because it offers more protection than short swim trunks for men. If you are a tall guy with long legs, this style will look great on you. Boardshorts also offer more versatility as they work well for casual beach looks out of water.

Other things to consider

Length is not the only thing to consider when shopping for men’s swim trunks. Here are other factors to keep in mind:

Material. Because you’ll be splashing around water, it is essential that your swim shorts have quick-drying properties. Polyester and spandex blend fabrics offer great durability while making sure your movements are not restricted.

Performance. If you do high-impact water sports, picking a pair that will keep up with your active lifestyle is a must. Opt for durable shorts designed to withstand the type of action you plan to do.

Style. Of course, looking good on the beach is a top priority! Choose styles and colors that reflect your mood and personality. When you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’ll instantly look cool and confident.

Do you like short or long swim trunks better? Don’t forget to browse our men’s swim trunks collection for a variety of options.



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